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4 Mistakes You Can Avoid

Updated: Jul 11, 2019

Knowing how to hang wallpaper is a skill worth understanding as a client. Here are 4 things to watch for during installation to ensure your makeover success (#wallpapersuccess).

Mistakes Happen

The point is to take the time, while you make the needed correction, to note how to avoid the same mistake in the future (#wallpaperlessons).

The 4 Worst Mistakes

These are all mistakes that can happen even before you start, so getting these right will save you lots of time and wallpaper.

1. Not having the right tools

2. Selecting a difficult wallpaper or a complex pattern

3. Trusting your walls are straight

4. Order sufficient wallpaper and colors can change in new batches

Great closing tip: Save all scraps larger than 12" for future repairs; and don't ever start the papering process near the focal point of a room.

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