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The wall coverings surrounding you should inspire you every day. We listen closely to translate each client’s aspirations to create beautiful, functional spaces — for the life they want to live. Our multi-disciplinary practice combines design and craftsmanship to manage transformations of any complexity and scale. Our network of talented partners and craftspeople share our dedication to exceptional, highly finished work. Talk to us about bringing your vision to life. wallpaper

We're The Paper Experts
... not design or paint people


Non-Woven wallpapers are an advanced technically improved wallpaper material that is becoming the preferred substrate for wallpaper. Made of a fibrous material, non-woven wallpapers are easier to install and easier to remove. They will dry-strip from the wall, usually leaving the wall smooth and abrasion free. Many non-wovens are vinyl free making them an environmentally friendly wallpaper option.


Sure-Strip wallpapers are made from natural and synthetic fibers. Its vinyl free and not manufactured from cheap substrates. This technology allows for an entire sheet of wallpaper to be easily hung on a wall and easily taken off a wall, in one gigantic roll. The hassle of taking down wallpaper in chunks or pieces, years down the road, is permanently removed.


Easy-Walls wallpapers are an environmentally friendly wallpaper substrate. It is vinyl free, with no PVC or VOC and is printed with water based inks. Wallpaper made with this eco-chi material is pre-pasted and easy to install and easy to remove without harsh chemicals. The revolutionary Easy-Walls wallpapers are also washable and breathable, inhibiting mold and mildew.


Solid Vinyl wallpapers consists of a vinyl film laminated to a fabric or paper substrate. They are durable, washable and scrubbable. Vinyl is a synthetic man-made plastic material that is durable and effective.


Vinyl Coated wallpaper have a paper substrate that has been sprayed or coated with an acrylic type vinyl or polyvinyl chloride (PVC).


Expanded Vinyl wallpapers are printed with a special ink that expands with heat giving them a raised surface effect known as “blown” creating a soft but dimensionally textured wallpaper. Most “Paintable” wallpaper are examples of expanded vinyl, but is also a common printing technique used to create a faux effect like bricks, woods and stones.


Fabric Backed Vinyl are high quality, strong, and durable papers. They have a thick woven fabric base used instead of paper laminated to solid vinyl. Great for high traffic areas.


Grasscloth wallpapers are hand woven, textured wallpaper made from natural components on unpasted rice paper backing.


Pre-Pasted wallpapers have paste already applied to the back of the paper that require water to activate the paste.


Unpasted wallpapers do not have paste and will require you to add paste to the back of the paper or the wall (follow manufacturers hanging instructions).


Peel & Stick wallpapers are a removable self-adhesive wallpaper. No water or paste is needed.

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