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takes patience and endless attention

to every detail, sharp eyes, and more than a few install hacks.


We know every step and where derails may lurk, so you can have peace of mind.


Our Experience

Differentiates Us


Hanging wallpaper looks easy, but it is actually quite difficult to get right, especially if you are hanging patterned or a historic custom wallpaper. Figuring out where to start sets the scene for success, and we understand all these intricacies and can walk you through all the steps. Here are some simple rules to ensure a professional finish.

• Wall Prep

Preparing the walls means priming the walls and addressing blemishes. Even tiny pinhead bumps will impact the final result. Key priming techniques, along with manufacturers' guidelines, will enhance wallpaper adhesion.

• Starting Point

Look around the room for features like a chimney or a window - they are the starting point. Carefully planning your start and deciding the seam-match technique will ensure you don't waste wallpaper, supplies, and time.  Now, address light switches, electrical outlets, wall safes, panels, doors, or sconces in the room.

• Work-Arouds

If the room has a chimney or window as its main feature, you should start right in the middle and work from either side and apply techniques center/left/right to ensure you are plumb and have a perfectly straight line guide to hang the rest of the paper on the wall. 

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