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Giving back is something we do both professionally and personally. It is not only an expression of our gratitude but something we believe we are spiritually called to do ... to help alleviate need in our community. We invite you, your family, or your business to join our giving effort to LaymanLessons. | Mentoring

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LaymanLessons currently procures and distributes $9 million in donated food and bottled vitamin water annually, as God’s hands and feet. Our mission is to relieve human suffering of countless homeless and needy in Tennessee and 16 total states through our exclusive network of local and national food donors, including USA Produce Farmers, 700 Club, Feed The Children, Midwest Food Banks. Thousands of food donors trust Layman Lessons Ministries because 99.9% of every donation goes directly into the homeless and truly needy Americans.

In Nashville, TN we provide semi-trailers and partial loads of donated food/drinks to those who feed homeless and truly needy, including Second Harvest Food Bank, Salvation Army, Nashville Rescue Mission, Feed America First, One Generation Away, and countless churches in dozens of cities in Middle Tennessee. | Learn More

A couple clicks above can help so many!

Our Match

We believe we are all in this together which is why Lillian's Interiors regularly volunteers with LaymanLessons. This is also why we at Lillian's Interiors will match the first $100 of every client donation to LaymanLessons.

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