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Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to frequent questions about our firm and getting an estimate.

How long does it take to get an estimate to install my wallpaper?

  1. Our FREE wallpaper estimates can usually be scheduled within 3-4 business days within the Nashville area. If you have a small standard bathroom or bedroom and can give measurements over the phone, we can send you a estimate without looking at the job.

  2. Are you licensed and insured to install wallpaper in the State of Tennessee?

  3. Lillian's Interiors is fully licensed and insured for the state of Tennessee.

  4. How long has Lillian's Interiors in business?

  5. We’ve been providing wallpaper installation for more than 23 years.

  6. How much wallpaper do I need?

  7. This can be determined during the estimate and will consider the size of the project and any special conditions.

  8. How much does it cost to install wallpaper?

  9. Aside from the cost of your wallpaper, here are a few things that will affect the cost of your wallpaper installation. There are many types of wallpaper - vinyl coated, coated fabric, paper or solid sheet backed vinyl and fabric backed vinyl - and each one has their own benefits and disadvantages; and each type is better than others for some rooms. For example, vinyl coated paper is recommended for the bathroom and kitchen because it's easy to clean and resists exposure to humidity and grease. The type of wall covering you choose will dictate the installation method. If you've already chosen your wallpaper and are looking for a contractor to help you put it on your walls, make sure you tell us the type of wallpaper you have and pictures of the project including the wallpaper. If you need to have old wallpaper removed before installing new paper, that will add to the cost of your installation. And how difficult it is to remove the old paper will affect how much that portion of the installation will cost.

  10. What is sizing or R35 primer?

  11. Sizing or R35 is what is used to seal the wall. It also helps when you are ready to remove the wallpaper. It makes removal easy and prevents damage to the walls.

  12. How do I measure for the proper amount of wallpaper?

  13. For residential measure in feet width x height, divide by 25. This will give you the amount of paper you need in single rolls. For commercial measure in feet width x height, divide by 12. This will give you the yardage.

  14. Can wallpaper hide the cracks and unevenness in my wall?

  15. All wallpapers dry tight to the wall so that wallpaper installers need to prepare and smooth the wall as if they were preparing to paint. Some wallcoverings show more than others; metallics and light-colored papers will show more imperfections than heavy woven papers and colorful patterns. To have a nice looking wall, it’s important to repair any imperfections that you can see or feel on the surface of the wall before installation.

  16. Is the wallpaper adhesive you use considered a "green" product?

  17. Yes, all wallpaper adhesive we use is a green product/low VOC and some are L.E.E.D. approved. The adhesives are either wheat, cellulose or clay based.

  18. Can you hang new paper over old wallpaper?

  19. We always like to remove the existing paper when possible. If removing the old paper will damage the drywall integrity, we can prime the existing wallcovering, prep any uneveness and install over old wallpaper. But each project is different so we recommend to consult our estimator or installer for your specific project needs.

  20. What is the process to get my project completed?

  21. First select a few patterns/materials that you would like to install before we give you an estimate. This helps in our process to give you an accurate bid. After you have a paper selected, order the paper; when it arrives, we can schedule your installation.

  22. How much do you charge to install residential wall covering?

  23. Depending on special needs, our charge range between $100-$200 per roll for most rooms. For very expensive wall papers and un-pasted wallpapers, the price will vary per roll.

  24. How much do you charge to remove old wallcovering?

  25. Excluding special conditions, like wall damage, you can typically expect $75-$100 per single roll for normal removal. Normally I will be able to look at the area before I start to tell if there will be problems.

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